The Southerly Story

Here at Bespoke Southerly, our mission is to make beautiful, classic clothing – just for you.

Bespoke Southerly made to order apparel was created to enable women to customize their wardrobe much like men do for suiting, with an emphasis on investment dressing and sustainable, USA made clothing. Our Southern founder appreciates timeless silhouettes and launched the brand with cocktail and formal dresses because this is what women wear to some of the most special events in their lives and it embodies our initial vision of “One dress, beautifully made, that not everyone else is wearing.”

All of our garments are customizable, which means you can get the color and details you want. The result? Clothing that perfectly reflects your sophisticated style, and feels special whenever you wear it.

Bespoke Southerly is for the woman who follows her own heart when it comes to dressing, not just the trends. She invests in beautifully-made, quality pieces that will last season after season.

We only work with domestic artisans and manufacturers who take pride in their work and are just as excited about our mission as we are. Why? Because quality is of the utmost importance to us. In fact, our founder personally checks every piece before we ship to you. We want you to be 100% happy with your Bespoke Southerly piece, and cherish it for years to come.


Our founder has a background in conservation and cares about the environment so it was important to her that the Bespoke Southerly brand reflect that value and be socially conscious. That is why we create classic pieces made to last as investments in your wardrobe without going out of style. We also manufacture made to order, so our partners in manufacturing cut one garment at a time, which reduces 90% of the waste from traditional supply chains and creates no excess inventory. We use natural fabrics that have less impact and continue to research low impact materials for future collections. And, we teamed up with a fabric reseller, Queen of Raw, to sell leftover yardage that we can’t use so it doesn’t end up in the landfill. And last but not least, making all our garments in the USA enables us to address the ethical issue of labor in the fashion business to ensure good working conditions and a living wage. Simply put, made to order apparel is more environmentally friendly and you can get the personalized details that you want.


The Bespoke Southerly capsule dress collection has silhouettes with a common theme; classic glamour. Two styles, the Ingrid and the Magnolia, require extensive hand pleating and draping, using couture sewing techniques to achieve the beautiful lines and shape in the bodice of each dress. As the collection is inspired by a southern woman’s sense of timeless and elegant style, we named the dresses after flowers that flourish in the south. Our photographs have minimal retouching so you can see how the fabrics really drape and will look as worn.