Why Choose Made to Order?

Made to order gives you the ability to customize your dress by choosing details like fabric color, trim options and hem length – or even adding pockets. A made to order dress truly reflects your personal style and is made specifically for you as an investment piece meant to last. And, it’s more environmentally friendly. Because each dress is made one at a time using only the materials necessary, there is less waste in manufacturing and no excess inventory, which we love. Not only that, but we make our dresses here in the United States to ensure good working conditions and a living wage. We’ve also teamed up with a fabric reseller for fabric pieces we can’t use in the future to avoid sending them to the landfill. The result?

One dress, beautifully made, that not everyone else is wearing.

This is how it works:


Start by choosing your main dress fabric colors. Need help choosing? Request free SWATCHES.


Choose your trim options – like adding a ruffle or including pockets.


Choose the standard hem length or a custom length in one inch increments.


Your made to order dress is on its way to you in a matter of weeks.

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