How to Attract Men: 8 Science-Backed Fashion Secrets to Looking Instantly More Attractive

Single and ready to mingle? With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may be wondering how to attract men so you can meet Mr. Right. The good news is scientists say that you don’t have to be a supermodel to attract a guy. In fact, a few simple changes to the way you dress and present yourself can make you instantly more attractive to men. And while we can’t guarantee that these tweaks will help you meet your soulmate, they’ll certainly improve your chances!

  1. Wear Red Lipstick
    There’s a reason why classic bombshells like Marilyn Monroe preferred this fiery color. Red lipstick really does attract men!In a study performed by Manchester University, researchers studied the eye movements of men as they looked at women. They found that lips are the most attractive part of a woman’s face, and lipstick enhances that attractiveness. Red lipstick was the most attractive, with men gazing at red lipstick for 7.3 seconds compared to 6.7 seconds for pink lipstick.
  2. …Or Just Makeup in General
    But if you don’t love red lipstick, don’t worry. Another study published in the International Journal of Cosmetics Science found that men rated women with a full face of makeup as more attractive than women wearing no makeup at all. In this study, men rated eye makeup and foundation as most important to a woman’s attractiveness. 
    The takeaway? Wear makeup that makes you feel confident and brings out your best features.
  3. Let Him Use His Imagination
    It may seem like men would be more attracted to women in barely-there outfits. But men are just as attracted to women who leave more to the imagination, especially if they’re looking for a serious relationship. So, choose clothing that makes you feel confident and beautiful and don’t worry about showing a lot of skin. It might be to your advantage to cover up!
  4. Wear Statement Accessories
    Wearing statement accessories – think a vintage cocktail ring or interesting earrings – can actually help you to meet men. Why? Men are looking for ways to start a conversation with you, and eye-catching accessories can serve as a great conversation opener.
  5. Choose Red
    According to a study from researchers at University of Rochester, men rate women in red as more sexually attractive than women wearing other colors. Thus, wearing red is an easy way to appear instantly more attractive to men.
    Hint: our Lily Dress, Iris Dress, and Camellia Dress all come in eye-catching shades of red!
  6. Show Off Your Arms
    A study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology revealed that men have a preference for women who show off their long arms. If you love your arms, show them off by wearing a sleeveless dress (bonus points if that dress is also red!). You never know who will love your arms as well!
  7. Don’t Skip Grooming
    According to a study published in Current Psychology, changeable features like grooming and posture are just as important as fixed features. Keeping your nails, brows, and hair well-groomed will go far in terms of attracting men. And your mom was right! Standing and sitting up straight can make a huge difference to your personal appearance.
  8. Confidence is Key
    Of course, confidence is the most attractive quality of all. Choose clothes and makeup that make you feel comfortable in your own skin and show off your favorite assets. Someone is sure to notice!

Do you have any advice on how to attract men? What makes you feel confident? Let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “How to Attract Men: 8 Science-Backed Fashion Secrets to Looking Instantly More Attractive

  1. Sheri says:

    Hi everyone, this is Sheri, the Founder of Bespoke Southerly and I wanted to share a thought on the blog post. With any of the above tips, just remember that they are just that – tips that studies have shown work for some people. I believe the most important thing to remember is that we are all beautiful in our own way and as the last tip reiterates – confidence is the most attractive quality of all. So, next time you dress up to go out to a party or event, wear what you love and do what makes you feel beautiful and that’s great advice!

  2. Karen says:

    Interesting tips, and I like the ‘confidence is key’ one best, too. Wearing clothing that reflects my personality and makes me feel comfortable is one way that makes me feel extra confident.

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